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André Schäffer -- Digitale Bildkompositionen

Drawings 2014 - 2017

The basis of the drawings are my photographs. It is my attempt to find the matching line for each motive.

The way the lines of a drawing are drawn should be in harmony with the motive. A straight line has a different effect than a wavy or a jagged one. What does it need to make a line look young or old, hard or soft, sharp or fuzzy without varying thickness or color of the line. Is it even possible to attribute a color to a line or a pattern?

„The individual lines become a uniform surface, but still seem vivid. A tangle of lines and patterns, which especially regarded from the distance reveals a clear overall picture."

Here can you find the text in German. 



Wald / Forest 

Waldbild Nr. 27Waldbild Nr. 26Waldbild Nr. 25Waldbild Nr. 24Waldbild Nr. 23Waldbild Nr. 20Waldbild Nr. 19Waldbild Nr. 18Waldbild Nr. 17Waldbild Nr. 16Waldbild Nr. 15Waldbild Nr. 14Waldbild Nr. 13Waldbild Nr. 12Waldbild Nr. 11Waldbild Nr. 10Waldbild Nr. 09Waldbild Nr. 08Waldbild Nr. 07Waldbild Nr. 06Waldbild Nr. 05Waldbild Nr. 04Waldbild Nr. 03Waldbild Nr. 02Waldbild Nr. 01


Studie Katzenschädel / Study Cat Skull 

A3, 28. October 2014A3, 19. October 2014


Verschiedenes / Miscellaneous 

A3, 25. November 2014A3, 24. November 2014A3,  23. November 2014A3, 02. October 2014


 Paintings 2014 - 2017


24.02.201707.01.201702.01.201720. November 201420. November 201408. November 2014