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André Schäffer -- Digitale Bildkompositionen


Would you like to buy one or more photographs of my series „Urban Exploration"?

I offer a selection of my previous works.

These can be purchased in three sizes: A. 30cm x 45cm, B. 45cm x 60cm and C. 60cm x 90cm as a 200 or 400 DPI print (depending from the desired size and resolution of the photographs). The photographs are developed by the Lamda laser imager, what guarantees a very high color fastness. Each photography has a limitation of of 3 prints.

What's dpi?
DPI (short for „dots per inch") describes the pixel-density. For the human eye a photograph is pin-sharp when it has 300 DPI. With 200 DPI a slight fuzziness is perceptible.

The photographs are wind up between two pieces of Plexiglas, each with a thickness of 3mm. They are delivered with a certificate of authenticity and the limitation. Further to the unframed photographs, I offer three different frames. The width of the frames depends on the size of the photograph. For size A I calculate a frame width of 5cm, for B of 6.5cm and for C of 10cm. The frames are made of Plexiglas or raw steel, each with a thickness of aprox. 3mm.

The costs per photograph - depending on size and framing - are as follows:

size A (45cm x 30cm):
clip frame:          CHF 220.00 - 280.00
Plexiglas frame:  CHF 420.00 - 480.00
steel frame raw: CHF 670.00 - 730.00

size B (60cm x 40cm)
Plexiglas frame:    CHF 560.00 - 620.00
steel frame raw: CHF 970.00 - 1'030.00

size C (90cm x 60cm):
Plexiglas frame:    CHF 850.00 -    910.00
steel frame raw: CHF 1'310.00 - 1'370.00

Custom-made products or formats can be asked for by e-mail. Do you have any unanswered questions, other ideas, wishes? Would you like to purchase a photograph that is not shown below? Please do not hesitate to contact me at mail@andre-schaeffer.ch

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The photographs shows the different impact of the framings. My prefered version is the "plexiglas-Sandwich". In this version ist the C-Print between two acrylic glasses (thickness of 3mm). The print looks beautiful glossy.

Metallrahmen / Plexiglas-sandwichPlexislas-Sandwich, SpiegelungPlexiglas-Sandwich, Dicke, 3mm x 3mmCliprahmen, frontalCliprahmen, seitlichCliprahmen, Beispiel AnordnungMetallrahmen, FrontalMetallrahmen, AufhängesystemMetallrahmen, Spiegelung, Kante


Stimmungsbild Nr. 34BaumraumBäumchen im RäumchenStimmungsbild Nr. 30Stimmungsbild Nr. 36Stimmungsbild Nr. 26Stimmungsbild Nr. 16Stimmungsbild Nr. 22Stimmungsbild Nr. 37Stimmungsbild Nr. 08Stimmungsbild Nr. 10Stimmungsbild Nr. 12Stimmungsbild Nr. 38Stimmungsbild Nr. 50Holy Bird

Would you like to buy a drawing of the serie "Forest"?

The artpieces are framed in a clip-frame, 59.4cm x 42cm, behind a 3mm matt. Of course you can frame the drawing the way you prefer.

Folowing photographs should give you a little impression how the drawings looks in the frame and the matt.

Cliprahmen, Beispiel AnordnungCliprahmen, SeitlichCliprahmen, SeitlichCliprahmen, SeitlichCliprahmen, SeitlichCliprahmen, Seitlich, Passpartout


Waldbild Nr. 23Waldbild Nr. 20Waldbild Nr. 19Waldbild Nr. 18Waldbild Nr. 17Waldbild Nr. 15Waldbild Nr. 14Waldbild Nr. 13Waldbild Nr. 12Waldbild Nr. 10Waldbild Nr. 09Waldbild Nr. 08Waldbild Nr. 07Waldbild Nr. 05Waldbild Nr. 03Waldbild Nr. 01